Representative: Hendrik De Ridder


Phone: 083 2976641


A game in which players act out a character in a world and a story created by the storyteller.

Related to your childhood games of cops and robbers, in the same way that chess is related to tic-tac-toe. Roleplaying is an enriching experience where you can be hero or villian, and all deeds are legendary.

If you wish to scedule games in the clubhouse, please contact me as I am the current clubhouse Master. I Have a timetable of when the Sanctum is available, so let me know, or you won't be able to use the Sanctum.


UPCON 2004 Details


There will be 2 sessions each day, with two modules running per session. The players and GM's have the choice of what they wish to play when..

To qualify for prizes (best GM, best player, best team) the participant must have played in at least 3 different games. Details on scoring will be given later.


UPCON opens, start of registration session 1 9:00
GM update (GM's must be present to recieve modules) 9:30
Start of Game 1 10:00
End of Game 1 13:00
Lunch 13:00 - 14:00
Start of registration for session 2 14:00
GM update for session 2 14:30
Start game 2 15:00
End game 2 18:00
LARP Commences 19:00



Roleplaying games (pre-registered) -> R10.00/game

Roleplaying games (not pre-registered) -> R12.00/game

LARP (pre-registered only) -> R20.00/LARP (includes refreshments)


Pre-registration must happen through Hendrik

Cell: 083 297 6641


Closing date: Friday 16 April

Pre-registartion for the LARP is essential.



- Call of Cthulu

- L5R

- D20 Modern

- D&D 3rd Edition

This may change without notice, The final list will posted by 6 April



The LARP(s) will be in the TKV clubhouse, not at the UPCON venue itself. Players must be there before 19:00.

The Saturday LARP is call of Cthulu. We may be running a second LARP on sunday. Pre-registration is a must.



All aspiring module writers must have their modules submitted before the 29th of March 12:00. If your module is used, you will recieve FREE entrance for the weekend.