Representative: Gerbert Myburgh

E-mail: Bort@tuks.co.za

Phone: 082 8176513

Ever seen a bunch of grown-up men running around a decorated table, playing with small lead and plastic models, and wondered: "What is that all about?"

The answer: the most exciting "boardgame" there is. Imagine the strategic complexities of chess, combined with the fun and entertainment of a modern computer game. The game itself is a turn-based game, with rules governed by dice and rulers. The pieces or models come from a wide arrangement of armies - Fantasy or Sci-Fi. Elves, Dwarves, Chaos, Undead, you name it, they are there.

So build your army and come join in the battles, in the quest for victory, and...


UPCON 2004 Details:


Warhammer 40k: 40k-in-40-minutes

400pt army

All models MUST be painted


- No models with more than 2 wounds.

- No models with a 2+ save.

- No vehicle with armour rating more than 33 (front + rear side added).

- No special characters

- No allies

- 1 Troop choice mandatory

- 1 HQ optional (Max of 1)

- Trial Assault Rules will be used.

- Trial Vehicle Rules will NOT be used.

GW tournament ruleset will apply where appropriate. The 40k-in-40-minutes specific missions will be used.

NOTE: Since the armies are so small, and thus doesn't give room for versatility you will be allowed to enter 2 different army rosters. (Both rosters have to be from the same army, or chapter if you want to play a specific chapter). Before each game you be allowed to choose one of your two rosters and play with that one for that game.

Please pre-register.

Limited space is available, and since the games will be very fast paced we can't afford to wait for people, so be on time.

For more Information or pre-registration: Bort at bort@tuks.co.za

Entrance R40 + R10 at the door.


Warhammer Fantasy:

2000 pts

No special characters

Please pre-register, Limited space, BE ON TIME!!

Entrance R40 + R10 at the door.


There will be a Warhammer miniature painting contest!